Ankara Agreement Visa Extension

In accordance with the declaration of changes to immigration rules announced on 22 October 2020, after 31 December 2020, ECAA businessmen (who are no longer referred to as “Turkish businessmen”) will be reappointed under the same conditions as before Brexit, with the settlement route set after five years, as stipulated in the ECAA annex (which will be maintained after Brexit). rebranded as the ECAA Settlement Annex). The new rule states that the applicant must focus on the financial and commercial aspects of visa renewal documents, since the main area of visa extension is commercial activity and the correlation of business activities in personal circumstances in the United Kingdom. Ankara Visa Agreement In essence, unless you are married to a British citizen, it will be at least six years from the date of granting your first Turkish Ankara visa and arriving in Britain until you can obtain British citizenship. Other visa categories offer expedited routes to UK citizenship, so it is best to get legal advice if an early agreement in the UK is your top priority. A visa holder in London, in discussions with Hurriyet Daily News on condition of anonymity, said that despite paying taxes and complying with the conditions, they are afraid to ask for funds. As a general rule, the Ministry of the Interior grants a turkish ECAA business visa for twelve months. This is shorter than some other visas, such as start-up visa or innovator visa. If you want to spend 12 months in the UK, there is too little time to travel to the UK. You can therefore apply for an extension of your Turkish business visa. Most of the visa applications in the Ankara agreement are for commercial documents that are not sufficiently detailed. For this reason, it is best to take professional and legal advice before filing your Turkish DEAA Visa application in Ankara.

Turkish businessmen who rely on the ECAA can also join an existing partnership or company as long as they are actively involved in the management of the company and their services and investments are needed. Since the categories of innovators and start-up visas do not allow investment in existing companies, this means that Turkish applicants have more flexibility than others. Turks who have travelled to the UK on the Ankara Convention are in a terrible state due to ambiguity in the routine agreement directive issued by the Home Office, a lawyer and visa holders said, H-rriyet Daily News. The ability to provide evidence of activity in the United Kingdom is essential for the applicant seeking a three-year extension.