Becu Loan Agreement

*Annual rate of use from 01.07.2020. Annual rate of charge based on the borrower`s credit history, 48 months or less of credit term, guarantee of two (2) years or new ones with up to 90% loan-to-value (LTV) and based on the Kelley Blue Book or traders` invoice. Loans with repayment terms exceeding 48 months, 90% of LTV, include lower solvency of the applicant or guarantees of more than two (2) years are subject to higher annual interest rates and lower credit amounts. Certain conditions apply. The specific amount of the loan depends on the authorized value of the guarantees. The final credit authorization is subject to BECU`s financing review. The actual rate may be higher. Financing is subject to beCU credit authorization and other underwriting criteria; Not all candidates qualify. Applicants must open and maintain BECU membership to obtain a loan. Example payment: $356.20 per month based on a five (5) year loan, $20,000 at 2.64% APR. Private loans are paid on a flat-rate basis and do not require application fees or guarantees. Borrow up to US$15,000 for small expenses or to clean up debt.

With a simple application process, flexible repayment terms, and easy access to the online account, a private loan might be the right choice for you. 2A specialist will work with you to determine the duration of support. For deferred payments, interest continues to be charged during the deferral period. Payments will continue with the same amount as stipulated in your loan agreement and the accrued interest will have to be repaid before payments are re-elected to the principal. In case of closed credit carryover, your payment plan is recalculated and extended. If you have a loan that is 16 days or more late, a vehicle loan without sufficient insurance coverage, or a checking account with a negative account balance, we cannot defer or change credit payments. However, we recommend that you submit your application if relief is required. Our specialists will contact you by phone or secure email to discuss your options after your application.

These documents are sent 5 to 7 business days after your application is submitted. If there are any outstanding questions or issues in processing your request, our specialists will contact you within 2-4 business days to discuss your options….