Case Study 1 – Topographical, Channel & Culverts Survey (Kettering, Northamptonshire)

Topographical, Channel & Culverts Survey – Land at Kettering, Northamptonshire

Site Details: Land at Kettering South (90 Hectares), class A single carriageway (1.8km), ditches and streams with culverts (600m).

Service: Topographical Survey, Channel Surveys and Culvert Surveys

Purpose of Survey: Flood Risk Analysis and Planning Application

Timescale and Resources: 2 weeks site with 3 teams and 1.5 weeks processing

Output: DWG (2D & 3D), PDF, Survey Report, XYZ, ISIS.

carriageway control survey northamptonshire a Culvert elevations, cross sections, channel survey Total Station, land survey.

Description: Aimcon Surveys Limited were successful in the tender for a topographical, channel and culverts survey for the purpose of a flood risk analysis and planning application on behalf of a joint venutre between a firm of consulting engineers and the local authority. The specification set was The Environment Agency National Contract and Survey Specifications v3.2 and the NCC Topographical Specification Revision C (March 2014) which is based upon the RICS Specification ‘Surveys of Land, Buildings and Utility Services at Scales of 1:500 and larger’ 3rd Edition.

In order for us to meet the tight timescales set by the client and due to the large size of the project we were able to resource three teams of our surveyors who worked concurrently over a two week period on site. Initially a baseline was established by multiple RTK GNSS network observations in accordance with the RICS and TSA Guidance Notes on use of Network GNSS RTK. A network of control stations were established from this baseline and co-ordinates and levels calculated based on strict tolerances and best survey practices. The data for the topographical survey, cross sections and culvert elevations were collected using traditional tacheometric methods using Leica Total Stations.

The surveys were delivered in various formats, namely DWG (2d & 3D), PDF, Survey Report (.pdf), XYZ, ISIS and a full suite of photographs for the channels and culverts surveyed.

Please see below for a sample of the deliverables in PDF.


            Topographical Survey – Sample Sheet 1                        Topographical Survey – Sample Sheet 2                          Channel Survey Location Plan

Topographical Channel Culverts Survey Floodplane survey Kettering  Cross Sections Kettering  channel survey location plan


                 Channel Survey Cross Sections                                Culvert Survey Sections / Elevations

River cross sections flood plane risk assessment northamptonshire  Culverts Survey Elevations Environment Agency

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