Case Study 12 – IPMS 3 Area Report (Unex Tower, Stratford)

IPMS 3 Area Report – Unex Tower, Stratford

Site Details: Multi Storey Mixed Use Building

Service: IPMS 3 Area Report

Purpose of Survey: New occupation and lease

Timescale and Resources: 1 day

Output: PDF

Stratford-Photo-A Stratford-Photo-B Stratford-photo-c

Description: Our client were building survey consultants and were managing the move of their client’s offices to the 5th floor of Unex Tower. At the time of the survey the tower was very close to completion and the 5th floor was at a Category A fit-out stage. The floor plan of the building was curved with several round columns. We were instructed to measure the floors IPMS 3 area and produce a report. Due to the curved and awkward shape of the floor plan we successfully and easily surveyed the area entirely with a total station.

IPMS stands for International Property Measurement Standard and was introduced and made mandatory for the measurement of office buildings (for valuation purposes) on 1 January 2016. IPMS replaces the RICS Code Of Measuring Practice and the terms GEA, GIA and NIA are defunct and have been replaced by IPMS 1, IMPS 2 and IPMS 3. The purpose of this standard was to ensure all buildings internationally adhere to the same set of rules in terms of measurement. Prior to IPMS, each country often adopted their own rules (with the UK being the RICS code) of measurement. This lead to confusion and inconstancies as the same buildings (within international portfolios) would have different measurements depending where in the world it was measured.

The survey was delivered in PDF format.

Please see below for a sample of the deliverables in PDF.


Sample IMPS 3 Report


Sample Floor Plan Illustration

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