Case Study 5 – Laser Scanning (Uppingham School (Quad), Rutland)

Laser Scanning – Uppingham School (Quad), Rutland

Site Details: Independent School

Service: Laser Scanning

Purpose of Survey: To collect data for current and future measured building surveys

Timescale and Resources: 2 days

Output: N/A

Uppingham-Photo-A Uppingham-Photo-B Uppingham-Photo-C

Description: Aimcon Surveys have been providing Uppingham School with all their measured survey requirements for many years. Uppingham School is a prestigious independent co-educational school dating back hundreds of years. The schools estate is spread across the entire village of Uppingham and cumulatively covers around 120 acres with 75 buildings, mostly large, many old, and 23 with listed status.

Early on in the strong partnership we gained with the school we were instructed to undertake measured surveys of the Quad. The buildings here are all listed and have particularly ornate and detailed elevations. Traditional survey methodology of using a total station would have been sufficeable but due to advances in technology we decided to adopt the use of a laser scanner to collect the majority of our measurements. A laser scanner is another survey tool capable of surveying points with 3D co-ordinates, what sets it apart from a total station is the speed and quantity of which it records the points. Over a 2 day period we surveyed over 100 million points. To survey the same area with a total station would have taken approximately 2 weeks. With over 100 million 3D dots we then use AutoCAD to manipulate the points (the pointcloud) to trace over and draw elevations, floor plan profiles and sections. A pointcloud can also be used to construct 3D models.

As we were only required to deliver survey drawings of a small percentage of the quad we consulted with the school and advised it would be cost effective to instruct us to laser scan the whole quad area as the pointcloud can be used in the future. As long as the buildings do not move it is possible for us to create further measured surveys of other areas of the quad without the cost of revisiting site.

Please see below for a sample of how the pointcloud is used to help create the floor plans and elevations. A further sample shows the pointcloud of the whole quad area in different angles and close-ups.


Memorial Hall (Floor Plans & Partial Pointcloud Isometric)




Tercenterary Building (Elevations)

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