Case Study 7 – Topographical Survey (Caterham, Surrey)

Topographical Survey – Caterham, Surrey

Site Details: Light industrial site

Service: Topographical Survey

Purpose of Survey: Demolish and rebuild medium density residential units

Timescale and Resources: 2 days

Output: DWG and PDF

Caterham-Photo-A Caterham-Photo-B Caterham-Photo-C

Description: This small site on a predominantly residential main road into Caterham was occupied by light industrial units. The site formed a U-shape of buildings that abutted the site boundaries on all sides. At the rear was a railway line. Developers had purchased the site with the intention on turning the site into medium density residential units. They had employed architects to manage the development and Aimcon Surveys were instructed by them to carry out the topographical survey.

As the buildings were to be demolished it was critical that the boundaries and adjacent and nearby features were accurately measured. With lines of site limited and access difficult the surveyor was still successfully able to traverse his way through the adjacent areas and through the buildings to completely and accurately survey the site extents. Please see the sample below showing the full entirety of the site including the full heights of all the buildings and the adjacent buildings and spot levels; this enabled the architect to fully visualise the site once the buildings had been demolished.

The survey was delivered in DWG and PDF

Please see below for a sample of the deliverables in PDF.


Topographical Survey

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