Dell Service Level Agreement

Requests for assistance are met on the basis of priorities (critical, high, medium and normal) determined by urgency and performance. General levels of response, availability and maintenance related to this service Customers respect any service date they request. If they have to resign, they must inform the technician by e-mail and inform them at least two hours in advance. Mailman Desktop Support`s goal is to assign, confirm, and begin working on “normal” incidents and service requests within 8 business hours of receipt. An incident is any interruption to the normal operation of a service or system. Issues related to certain business systems or specialized software can be referred to system specialists or the software manufacturer/supplier for 3-level support. The responsibilities of customers who receive this service level service level response times to service requests are measured as soon as a request is sent via 5help email, phone or the ServiceNow issue tracking system. Other forms of contact can affect MSPH IT`s ability to respond to requests in a timely manner. For example, direct emails and phone calls to individual support employees. Customers are available to support staff to answer questions that may facilitate the provision of the service or delay or postpone the service. For computers outside the warranty, a repair is offered outside the warranty.

Repair by office support technicians includes the replacement of utility parts paid for by the customer`s department or customer, depending on the ownership of the device. Repair may require the use of an offsite repair provider. The technician will seek the customer`s authorization before incurring any costs on their behalf. Here too, the repair time is communicated to the customer by the technician, but the actual timing is determined by the repair provider. Currently, there is no service level specific to the standard desktop support service. However, some tasks that require collaboration with other IT departments within Columbia`s university community have specific service level agreements. These tasks are as follows: If a desktop support technician loses customer data due to negligence – failure to properly secure a client computer, improper storage of encryption keys, etc. Desktop support covers the costs of using a data recovery service up to 1000 $US. Computers are preconfigured to use campus services such as email, calendar, and VPN and connect to campus wired and wireless networks (Guest & Athens at CUMC).

The standard desktop support service is an integrated suite of support services for Windows and Mac computers, tablets, phones, and other devices (see list of supported devices). Support is provided by the most efficient method available, based on the nature of the problem, the location and availability of the technician and the customer. Support may include: MSPH Desktop Support`s responsibilities as a provider of this Desktop Support service may represent a computer if necessary to resolve an incident or to terminate a service request. If necessary, customers provide installation media for installing printer or device drivers. Desktop Support helps to find documented solutions for end-user requests regarding the features and functions of supported software. Desktop Support only supports certain models and versions of hardware and software in a given year. Please see CUMC IT`s website for the current list. Support technicians install and update supported software in response to customer requests, changes to MSPH IT standards, security requirements, or troubleshooting. The technician can install software using a remote tool. Below is the list of supported software: Some software requires special configuration….