Fortnite End User License Agreement Meaning

It`s for my son who plays Fortnite, someone got an end-user license agreement from Fortnite, and what did you do? Does he agree or does he disagree? Here`s what it means and what fans should do when they receive the message in Fortnite. Players have to click accept and they can play fortnite well afterwards. It`s unclear why the news might suddenly appear to some fans, unless it`s the first time players have launched Fortnite, but the EULA`s message is very simple. He basically explains that Epic Games does not grant refunds for V-Bucks purchases and has the right to block accounts that sell V-Bucks, etc. Fortnite`s end-user license is a message that fans might see if they try to launch a game. As with many other terms, there`s a huge wall of text that may be too much to read, and fans aren`t sure whether to accept or decline.