Has Congress Reached An Agreement On The Second Stimulus Check

Some lawmakers insist that another $1,200 check cycle be included, such as Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, an independent. Sanders said he would not support the stimulus package unless it was “significantly improved.” Passing a new economic aid plan before the end of the year is a top priority for Congress. This week, a bipartisan group of senators is expected to present a $908 billion proposal that does not contain a second stimulus check. But to get another checkout this year, the White House is insisting that Senate Republicans introduce into the proposal a $600 payment for adults and children, the Washington Post reported Tuesday. However, House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi and minority leader Chuck Schumer rejected the proposal and the bipartisan team is moving forward with its plan. More cyclical money is on hold for the country and its citizens. This is not yet excluded. Democrats and some Republicans are still insisting that a second round of stimulus controls be included in a deal this year. And before the election, President Trump urged Congress to send him additional coronavirus aid, which included a new round of direct controls.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R., Mo.) said Monday that he urged Mr. Trump to veto any law that did not contain them.