Lithgow Aged Care Enterprise Agreement

Lithgow Aged Care has partnered with Whiddon Seniors Social Assistance, which could lead to a transfer of ownership in 2020. Independent, independent institutions have fought in the new era of old care, King said. “Whiddon is committed to working with Lithgow Aged Care over the next few months to perform due diligence and explore the potential for a transfer of ownership in 2020. Like Lithgow Aged Care, we really take care of the services we provide and have a deep respect for the strong ties that exist between the local community and Lithgow Aged Care,” he said. “In today`s senior care environment, many small providers face challenges in terms of financial sustainability. As a great supplier with a long and proud history, we are grateful for the opportunity to participate in this trip with Lithgow Aged Care. Whiddon operates 19 retirement homes, nine municipal care centres and 12 senior villages, including one in Bathurst. Until February 2020 Lithgow Aged Care director Olwyn King said he would work with Whiddon`s help to free himself from sanctions imposed earlier this year. “The well-being of residents, their families, staff and the community has always been the first priority of any strategy developed by the Board of Directors,” she said. “As a result, we looked for a partner to help us, and there were several people interested. We felt that Whiddon was best placed for the interests of residents and staff. It would be Whidton`s decision to continue stages two and three of the planned rehabilitation of Lithgow Aged Care, the first stage of which is the near-completed maple crescent plant. “The financial impact of the sanctions is considerable,” King said. “If the transition from Lithgow Aged Care to Whiddon were to progress, we recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all model and, from experience, we understand the support and resources that a successful transition requires,” said Mamarelis. Lithgow Aged Care was looking for a partner to move forward, and Whiddon was the card`s preferred choice.

If, next March, Whiddon and Lithgow Aged Care agree, a consolidation process will begin and be completed in May 2020. Construction in the middle of this year. Picture: SUPPLIED. Whiddon was considered a good partner, King said, for her closely coordinated values. By the end of April, the new Lithgow Aged Care facility at Maple Crescent is expected to be completed as planned. The facility, designed by the architect, will house 36 suites and, according to Lithgow Aged Care, will offer “contemporary surfaces, light-flooded living spaces and covered car parks.” “His story is similar to ours – it is community-based, it`s not profit-oriented and has Masonic origins,” she said. READ MORE: Lake Wallaces NYE fireworks moved to the fall of the rain READ MORE:NSW RFS Total Fire Ban: Central Ranges` Serious Fire Risk Facilities would then operate under the Whiddon banner. While you`re with us, you can now receive updates directly from Lithgow Mercury to your inbox. To make sure you`re up to date with any news, sign up here. In a statement, Chris Mamarelis, CEO of Whiddon, said Whiddon was honored to have been selected as an organization to work with Lithgow Aged Care and the local community.