Master Agreement Zendesk

7.4.1 Zendesk`s DPA can be executed here: After the execution by the Subscriber, the SERVICE PROTECTION Authority is included in the terms and conditions of this agreement by reference. 16.1 Third. You agree that zendesk Group and third parties used by Zendesk Group to provide you with the Services give you the right to access your account and to use, modify, reproduce, distribute, display and disclose your agents` personal data, to the extent necessary to provide, safeguard or improve the Services. All third-party service providers used by the Zendesk Group will only have access to your account if reasonably necessary for the provision of services and (a) will be subject to confidentiality obligations that are economically reasonable and essentially comply with the standards described in Section 5; and (b) their consent to comply with the restrictions on the transfer of personal data set out in Section 7. 2.1 Billing unit (s). Billing units are based on a monthly or annual license per user. Each user is defined as an “agent.” Agents can be turned on and off inside the Tymeshift web application. This agreement does not define the number of users, as they may vary. (j) to provide the data exporter with a copy of a subcontract that it enters into in accordance with the terms. “API Services and Licensing Agreement” refers to the agreement that governs the provision of BetterCloud API services and is located in 2.2 Respect for the rules.

Between you and Zendesk, you are responsible for compliance with the provisions of this Agreement by agents and end-users, as well as for all activities that take place under your account and which Zendesk may check from time to time. Without limiting the above, you are solely responsible for ensuring that your use of the Services complies with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as any privacy policies, agreements or other commitments that you may comply with or make with agents or end-users. “Additional features” refers to additional functions or functions (including, but not limited, created by Zendesk Marketplace apps, Zendesk Labs, fast access programs or beta services) that are available or enabled via the service but are not part of the service. Other functions include third-party services purchased and/or subscribers via an order form, which are resold by Zendesk and are governed by the third party`s alternative agreement. Additional features are acquired or enabled separately and unambiguously from your service plan and related services provided. You accept that you are responsible for informing end-users that personal data collected, stored,/or processed by the Zendesk Group is collected, stored,/or processed in accordance with the Australian Privacy Act (Commonwealth) 1988 (Commonwealth) and Australian data protection principles, as we explain here: company/anz-privacy.