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BIM / 3D Laser Scanning

What Is BIM?

According to the government initiative ‘The BIM Task Group’ BIM stands for Building Information Modelling and is essentially value creating collaboration through the entire life-cycle of an asset, underpinned by the creation, collation and exchange of shared 3D models and intelligent, structured data attached to them. In other words it saves time and money over the design, construction and life cycle of a building by bringing together information created by surveyors, consultants and designers into one common platform. Whereas traditionally, the surveyors, the architects, the structural engineers, the quantity surveyors, the M&E engineers and so on would all work independently. Collaboration is the core success to BIM.

Where do we come into it?

In most cases for new builds the 3D model would be created from scratch by the architect. As surveyors we get involved when there is an existing building, either for refurbishment or as-built if a 3D model was not already created. As has always been the key the surveyor has been critical to the success of the design and construction stages as without a reliable survey the whole process gets delayed while errors get rectified.

What is 3D Laser Scanning?BIM 3d laser scan point cloud

3D laser scanning is a process of collecting measurement data, just like traditional total stations it uses angles and distances collected by lasers but in a rapid and high density way. The data is collectively known as pointclouds and the data can be interrogated and utilised to produce traditional 2D plans, 3D models and visualisations. The advantages of 3D laser scanning are the density and speed of measurement data it can collect. It is especially used for the creation of detailed elevations, rights of light surveys, and 3D modelling.

At Aimcon Surveys Limited we have invested in 3D laser scanning choosing Leica as our preferred supplier. Along with the survey equipment much investment has been made into the computer hardware and software that serves this measurement data. We are also able to provide our clients with Leica Truview, it is possible for clients to download a plugin for Internet Explorer and connect to our servers to view and interrogate our pointcloud data without any knowledge and experience of 3D modelling or CAD. Please contact us for a demonstration.

What we can offer?

Unlike the Betamax and the VHS war of the 1980’s there is more than one programme in the running to service BIM. At Aimcon Surveys Limited we believe Revit is the clear lead runner going up against Navisworks therefore all our BIM models are created with Revit.

Using Autodesk Revit our 3D models are created from our survey data. In most cases from 3D pointclouds collected from Leica 3D laser scanners, however we are able to create 3D Revit models directly from 2D traditional plans.

3D laser scanning per se is not a service it is another method of collecting measurement data, contradicting this we are able to provide you with the service of a 3D pointcloud as a deliverable should you require it. In most instances we would use 3D laser scanning as another form data collection if it is more cost effective for you as the client. In some instances it is more beneficial for us to collect the survey data via 3D laser scanning, however still delivering you a traditional 2D survey. 3D laser scanning is not a sole requirement for the creation of 3D Revit models.

What to do next?

To discuss your 3D Revit modelling and point cloud requirements please call us on 01604 582200 or email us on

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