Surrogate Agreement Template Uk

If you work with BB, we will assist you in your surrogacy agreement through a series of mediation meetings as well as a useful presentation document that is only available to our parents and surrogates. Although a surrogacy agreement is not legally binding, it is nevertheless useful to have one. By developing a surrogacy agreement, surrogacy parties have the opportunity to sit down together and discuss the practicalities of surrogacy. It allows all parties to discuss and write down what they expect. Through these discussions, different parties may have different expectations of their participation in the child`s life or in the practical application of surrogacy. In developing a surrogacy agreement, these issues surface and the parties may decide to pursue the proposed surrogacy agreement or consider different options. Although surrogacy agreements are not a legally binding document, there are periods during your surrogacy trip when you have to show or use your agreement. Surrogacy is legal in the UK, but if you enter into a surrogacy agreement, it cannot be imposed by law. A legally binding agreement, which requires someone to do something at some point, therefore runs counter to the cornerstone of a parental order whereby all parties freely accept order. Clinical Surrogacy Obligations PatientsFertility Clinics must obtain appropriate consents for the treatment of both intentional parents, surrogate mother and their husband or partner. There are specific HFEA forms for surrogacy. Advice, including advice on long-term issues relating to a child through surrogacy, should be offered to all those who participate in a surrogacy agreement. All parties to surrogacy must be free to grant the parental order and that consent may be revoked at any time until the date of the issuance of the parental order.

If the relationship breaks down, the surrogate mother cannot be forced to hand over the legal ancestry of the child to the mandated parents, nor can the mandated parents be compelled to apply for the child`s legal ancestry.