The Best Friend Agreement Novel

“Excited, darling? You`re going to meet new people and make friends,” she says, looking at Kenna and seeing that she was playing with the tie in her hand. She would always take him anywhere, as is known as her happy hair tie, something that is not easy to achieve. “What if they hate me? What if I don`t make new friends? Kenna asks, her voice is loud enough to hear, but low enough if her mother stands. Aidan, a billionaire CEO of Empire, is known for the title of “Top 5 Hottest Bachelor”, while Kenna, Aidan`s best friend, is a doctor who never found the right time for love. The two have always been close since they were children, after a single incident that occurred, and immediately made them inseparable. As they got older, things started to change, but best friends are forever. . Whatever the circumstances. What happens if Aidan makes a contract and wants Kenna to be a part of it? Kenna`s eyes meet her mother`s eyes when she nods: “Go away, Kenna.

Make a few friends,” says her mother, as she heads straight to the playground after watching her mother, who is talking to Ms. Cooper, twice. o The life of best friends. It`s a lie. It`s a deal. Heartbreak. Ivy and Ryder have never been more than best friends, the idea of being more wrong to them as Ryder Ivy asks to pretend he is his girlfriend to return to his ex who left him for his older brother, she agrees because he is their best friend and she would do anything for him. Everyone intended to act as if, but before one of them realized that things were starting to change them, they began to feel feelings that they never knew they were there. The o of them agree to be best friends with benefits, but what Ivy never recognized Ryder would use them as his release… that his escape, things are more about sex for him, their friendship always to the test. Can their years spent together be enough to pass, or will this agreement ruin everything for both of them? “Ivy?” he said in his softest tone, striking me with his eyelashes: “What are you after?” I asked how I broke my forehead towards him: “Can you be my hot date?”, he smiles, “What? No no! Everyone will know. I said someone`s name is Ryder, I don`t make the cut. I laughed, “Bullshit! You`re as sexy as any ivy.

They don`t know, everyone says that one day we`ll be together. Let`s play on that. He smiled and eyes full of hope The two mothers looked at them with a smile on their faces when they met. None of them knew that day. They managed to be best friends. It was an interesting trip and it was their trip. His mother grabs his hand and grabs him as a sign of support before smiling at him. “Kenna, my dear, you are the most wonderful girl in the world.

You`re smart, handsome, talented, funny. We have to work a little bit on this fun part, but you`re capable of anything,” laughs Kenna and her mother, and are happy that their mother increases their self-confidence to make new friends.